sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015


"It came from above", by Pascal Campion. I know I've already pinned this but it's just so beautiful! 
 ✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime boy. . .crying. . .sad. . .depressed. . .tears. . .pencil drawing. . .graphite. . .amazing. . .kawaii
 - I love it when male anime characters have sharp looking eyes, it's as if they can actually see me. ^///^
 I hate Sasuke's personality change in Road to Ninja. It's so not the  Sasuke we've been chasing for years.

This made me think of Nico ...<3< this wasn't originally meant for Nico? Well....Everyone should know by now that fandoms take over everything
Viria drew all the guys shirtless. Oh my gods. I know Percy Jason and Frank have their girls nut how do the others not have girls oh wait I know Luke is dead and Thalia is a hunter << Oh. My. Gosh!
I keep seeing this illustration and I really want to write a violin story now :P (Illustration by Roka)
Anime: where all the main guys are hot, n where true love happens every time.Prince Gumball, Jack Frost, Marshall Lee, Hiccup, Morecai, and Rigby isn't it sad that I'm attracted to pixels....

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